Individual coaching for changes and challenges in work and private life

What I offer?

I offer individual coaching for the changes and challenges in work and private life with the Coach-on-Site™ concept (CoS). The Coach-on-Site™ or coach's reception in the workplace is a quick and new solution for the promotion of wellbeing at work.

More and more people have acquaintances who have been on sick leave because of exhaustion. Continuous changes cause stress and friction in workplaces. Managers are expected to have magic tricks for a variety of workplace problems, although many of them have not been trained to deal with human problems.

Every employee is responsible for their own wellbeing, but they can be given the opportunity to meet a coach regularly to deal with any problem that affects life and work. The coach supports and guides employees in finding new solutions. As a low-threshold service, Coach-on-Site ™ makes it easy to tackle welfare problems as early as possible.

During the change of an organization or its unit, personal support is the most effective way to ensure that change will be carried out with the needs of people in mind. Managers are often the subject of change themselves, which can make it difficult for them to adequately support their subordinates. An external coach strengthens the organization's operational capability at different stages of change.

The Coach-on-Site™ concept is created by Executive Therapist & Coach Tuula Saarela ( The purpose of the service is to bring more humanity and well-being to the Finnish working life.

What is coaching?

I help the customer make full use of their personal and professional potential. We set a goal for each coaching session with the customer. I am present, I listen actively, I make powerful questions and I communicate directly. Active listening is the ability to concentrate entirely on what the customer says and does not say. I summarize, to make sure that I have understood the customer. I help the client create plans with goals that are achievable and measurable. I encourage the customer and give recognition for successes.

About me: 

-Susanna Aflecht

Certified Coach, M.Sc. (Tech.)

I have a Master of Science degree in Energy Technology and I'm a Certified Coach. I graduated from the Helsinki University of Technology (currently Aalto University) and qualified as a coach in the MIF Certified Coach Training program.

I have previously worked as a project engineer and project manager in the IT industry for 10 years. I have completed basic studies in psychology at Jyväskylä Open University in 2016-2017. Starting from autumn 2020, I have been studying for a bachelor's degree in social services at Häme University of Applied Sciences (HAMK), specializing in mental health and substance abuse work. In addition to my studies, I also work e.g. among mental health and substance abuse rehabilitators. I am 43 years old.

I combine my practical working life experience, my other life experience and my coaching expertise to increase the well-being of individuals and organizations. 

Customer feedback

"Susanna is an empathetic, attentive and intuitive coach who opens up new perspectives for her client with her brilliant questions and observations. On each coaching session I have learned something new about myself, and I have also achieved solutions to my goals. I highly recommend Susanna!"

- 45 year old woman, Training manager and Vocational teacher (June 6th, 2019)

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